The director Sarah Diehl is a filmmaker, journalist, editor and writer from Berlin, Germany.

Diplom (FH) in Museology, MA in African Studies and Gender Studies.

She published two anthologies in Germany: Brüste Kriegen (Getting Breasts), Verbrecher Verlag, 2004 and Deproduktion - Schwangerschaftsabbruch im internationalen Kontext (Deproduktion - Abortion in an international context), Alibri Verlag, 2007 and co-edited several anthologies in a continuous collaboration with Verbrecher Verlag, Berlin. International reproductive rights have been her main research topic since and she is giving lectures and publishing about the problems about abortion access worldwide.

In April 2010 she founded together with pro-choice activists from Poland and Ireland the European Pro-choice network.

In 2008 she produced, wrote and directed the documentary film "Abortion Democracy - Poland/South Africa" ( about changes in Poland and South Africa regarding abortion laws and their impact on the lives of women. The film won Best German Film at the Black International Cinema Festival in Berlin 2009 and has been shown constantly on festivals and conferences worldwide.